Note to our players: We have updated Tardoria on Google Play Store. Update the game on your devices to experience the latest of content and features offered by Tardoria.

Officer Tardoria is in public beta and we need your help to protect the fleet and improve Tardoria. You can download Tardoria from Google Play for free to get started. Also do not forget to sign up below to get your instructions.

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About Tardoria

Tardoria is a 2D space war arcade game, designed to bring back those nostalgic feelings for when you used to play as a kid. Tardoria revolves around the concept of survival. You as a flight officer have to fly missions and protect the human fleet against asteroids, and aliens.

Tardoria offers 2 playing modes, survival and campaign. Survival mission is a non-ending mission where the player has to fight against the enemies and asteroids to gain points, coins, and iron ore. The survival mission ends when the player is killed and is given the rewards at the end of the mission.

Campaign missions are based on a story line and designated levels start with story scenes. You have to complete objectives given to you at the start of each mission. You also get to experience the story which unfolds itself through pixel art and dialog.

Sign Up For Beta Testing

We would like you to be part of our beta testing program. We need your help to test Tardoria report the bugs, and even recommend features that you want to see in Tardoria. All in all we need your help to make Tardoria bigger, better, and bug free.

Do sign up using the form below, and do check your email account for the activation link which you have to click to confirm. Since Tardoria is available on Android at the moment, this beta testing program is for only those players who own an Android device.


  • Fly 15+ campaign missions in different ships with their own specialized guns.
  • Fast paced game play which keeps you on your toes. If you falter you will loose.
  • Collect coins and iron ore so that you can upgrade your ships and even purchase new ones.
  • Unlock new ships and weapons by beating the campaign missions.
  • Experience the intricately woven story with beautifully drawn art, as it unfolds itself.

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